Sunday, 25 March 2012

Liebster Award

I am quite new to this whole blogging thing myself. I only started in January and it was so lovely to recieve this award from Andrea - check her blog out at
For those of you not in the know:
The Liebster Blog Award originated in Germany. Liebster means dearest or beloved, and Liebe is love.

In accepting the Liebster Blog Award, the recipient agrees to:
*Thank the person who gave them the award and link back to that person’s blog
*Copy and paste the award to their blog
*Reveal the 5 blogs ( with less than 200 followers ) they have chosen to award, commenting on their blog to break the news!
*Hope those people in turn pay it forward by accepting and awarding “The Liebster Blog Award” to bloggers they would like to honour.

The 5 blogs that I would like to give a special mention are:

Craftrocks - truly inspirational cardmaking!

Cards by Becky - beautiful beautiful cards!

Sister's Craft - these cards are just lovely!

Crafting Daydreams - gorgeous cards by Jacqui!

Playtime Creations - stunning cards!

So much talent on these blogs - makes me smile to see such beautiful things!! Please take a look at them, you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Thanks so much for this award Laura - I'm just getting round to posting & choosing 5 other blogs! Thanks again,