Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dilly Beans Digi Stamps!

I get so excited when I stumble across new blogs of artwork for digis! And this morning on my blogging travels I came across Dilly Beans! The artist is Megan Suarez and she is uber talented, she really is. I have just spent the last half hour trying to decide which ones to get!

She has a variety of style but I am particularly in love with her girlies with the big eyes, like the one on the above banner! I have put in my order and can't wait to get them and get colouring! They are just so adorable .. I so wish I could draw! And I am so glad that there are people like Megan who share their fantastic artwork with us cardmakers!! So thank you Megan!!

So why not pop over and pay her a visit if you haven't already .. I have never seen her work before and I am sure that you will not be disappointed!!

I feel like my mojo has gone walkies at the moment, I am so uninspired. However, after seeing these images I want to get colouring and make a beautiful card with them so hopefully I will have something exciting to show you all soon!!

Have a great weekend! And enjoy the games!! I have to admit that I ended up going to bed last night before team GB came on .. I was so tired!! I was really impressed with some of the opening ceremony, when Kenneth Branagh came on it got really good! I love him, he has such stage presence! And the Mr Bean appearance was hilarious!! Loved it!!


  1. Hi Laura, I stumbled across this site a little while ago, but haven't had time yet to check it out properly, going to go have a snoop now.
    Have a great weekend.
    Caz x

  2. Hmm... thanks for that, I think... lol! If I spend money, I'll know who to blame, won't I?! Hugs, Lisa x