Saturday, 9 August 2014

Something else different: Loom Bands

So, I took my crocheting on holiday with me expecting to get loads of that done. Truth: Didn't do any crocheting and somehow ended buying myself a loom and some loom bands and getting addicted to this crazy craft that all the kids are doing .. and yes I am 30 years old! haha

I love it! One my favourite things about crafting is choosing colour combinations and I love creating patterns, so this is perfect for me! I have made so many already that I can't wear them all and if I did it would look a bit silly!!

I started off with the simple pattern that you get instructions for in the box but being me, I wanted to learn something there wasn't instructions for and the wifi in our caravan wasn't working. So I took myself off to the clubhouse to watch a vid on YouTube on how to make the Fishtail bracelet, which is the one above. I love how this one looks and have got a bit carried away as you can see!!! It is very easy to make and only uses two pins on the loom!

Also got everyone else doing it on holiday. Me and my hubby went with two other friends and we all made one each to give to each other! I know, how old are we?! Was fun!

So, since getting home I have been watching a few other videos on YouTube, there are some people who can literally make anything with these things and I am way off that but these are a couple of variations I have made on the Fishtail bracelet ..

This one is what they call a Hexafish, like the fishtail (above) but using 3 pins instead of 2 (if you know what I am talking about) .. just makes the pattern a bit tighter.

And this morning I tried a 4 pin Hexafish with random colours .. so the pattern is even tighter .. 

It is so much fun and so therapeutic. I have had a lot on my mind over the past few weeks and I have loved doing this in an evening. Although doing it too late and trying something too difficult ends in frustration! There are a couple of things I have tried that I had to pull apart cos they went wrong but hopefully I will succeed with something else soon!! 

Anyway, something different to start the weekend but I will be back with some exciting sneaky peeks soon for a new Crafter's Companion launch coming your way soon! Exciting .. 

Hope you caught the Party Paws launch this morning with the lovely Leann! She is on again in a couple of minutes .. 

Until next time ... 


  1. They are all gorgeous Laura. Loom bands have certainly taken off big style.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  2. they are addictive once you start laura :D

    xx coops xx